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What is Kikaha

Kikaha aims to be the easiest platform for writing fast microservices. Written over Undertow platform (you know, it is really fast), it was designed to be a micro container that handle high throughput demands and provide high scalability. Its internal design is clean-code-driven, because open source software should be easy to be improved. Also, we believe on the JVM communities, what they have done, the goals we already achieved and on its improvements. This make we proud to contribute to JVM, the fastest web platform ever.

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First Steps

In order to get started with Kikaha you could follow one or more steps bellow:

The Development Stack

We believe on OpenSource, and we believe that OpenSource Software should be focused on little tasks, allowing developers to choose what they need to use in their projects. Kikaha, besides depending on the Undertow, it also uses other high-quality libraries to provide a pleasant development environment to its micro-services developers.

  • CDI JSR299/JSR330 Support
  • micro Routing API an easy-to-use (and compile time generated) routing API that is quite similar to JAX-RS.
  • Jackson for JSON serialization support.
  • SLF4J for logging support
  • Vibur DBCP for performant and transparent database access layer
  • Hazelcast for session clustering - which made Kikaha apps stateless. It also is also a great In-Memory Data Grid you can use to persist data.

A detailed overview of Kikaha's dependencies are available here .


Kikaha is released under Apache 2.0 licensed and will always use (or depends) on OpenSource softwares that is also released under the same license, or that is compatible with Apache License 2.0.

What is Kikaha